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Making a complaint

Xcel 2000 aim to provide you with the safe and happy environment and we hope your needs are always met.  Sometimes, in your foster home, school or somewhere else, things may happen that make you feel unhappy or worried. It could be that you don’t like something about Xcel 2000, one of the people who work here or your foster parents.  

Talk To Someone 

The most important thing is to talk to someone about it that you trust. This could be your social worker, foster parent, teacher or someone from Xcel. If after speaking to someone you are still unhappy or concerned, then you should call  01795 470222 and ask to speak to Stephanie Ponter, who is the Xcel 2000 complaints person. Stephanie will meet with you to understand what is worrying you and help you to write down your complaint.

Dealing With Your Complaint

Once your complaint has been received by Xcel 2000 you will be given a written reply within 28 days, saying what has been done or could be done to sort out the problem.               
If, when you get your written reply, you are not happy with any decisions that have been made, you can ask for your complaint to be heard by the Complaints Panel. They are a group of people who will suggest to Xcel 2000 what should be done to sort out any problems. Within a day or two you will get their suggestions in writing.

Contacting The Office For Standards In Education

This should really help to make things better. If you are not satisfied, you can contact the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services & Skills or Ofsted for short. Ofsted is an organisation that makes sure companies like Xcel 2000 are doing their job properly. The person you need to contact is: 

The Chief Inspector Ofsted

Piccadilly Gate 
Store Street
M1 2WD

Telephone:   0300 1231231


The following organisations can provide you with an “independent advocate”, who is someone else who can help you sort out problems: 

Coram Voice

Telephone: 0808 800 5792 (free from landline and mobiles)

Text: 07758670369

Email[email protected]


Coram Voice

Gregory House

Coram Campus

49 Mecklenburgh Square




National Youth Advocacy Service

Telephone: 0800 808 1001 (Freephone)

Email: [email protected]




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