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North Kent Celebration Event

Our foster families are amazing and we feel that they deserve to be recognised for their fantastic work.

We have been holding celebration events across Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and London, in the areas that our foster families are based, inviting local foster parents along for a well deserved three course meal and cocktails, a nice evening out with likeminded people.

We invite our Fostering Supervisors, who work closely with a handful of families each, to pick out some points about each family to highlight the amazing care that they provide.

It is always wonderful to hear how much children are blossoing in their foster families care. We would like to share these words and once again praise these wonderful human beings;

Names anonymised for safeguarding purposes;

The “Smith” family have done wonderful work as a fostering family with each of the children they have cared for over the years, and the whole family are committed to providing a loving home, security of a family life, and sense of belonging for the children placed in their care. Particularly remarkable, is the outstanding pre adoption work they have undertaken and also the move towards permanent long term foster care for the child that currently lives with them. They meet all that comes their way with a sense of humour and fun and they are extremely generous in the love and nurture they give to the children. “Abbie” particularly excels in her therapeutic fostering approach and her skills and knowledge in this area continue to go from strength to strength. I am sure the “Smiths” will agree that fostering life comes with both highpoints and challenges, but one of the key things I enjoy about working with "Abbie", as the primary foster parent, is her wonderful ability to for self reflection and ability to apply thoughtful consideration to the work she does. She continually gives of herself to meet the needs of foster children. Thank you to “Ben” and “Abbie” for all they do.

“Beth” is a wonderful, natural foster parent who has taken to fostering so well. I have loved to see the positive impact that “Beth” has made in the lives of the children she has worked with and just how much caring for them means to her. “Beth” is a lovely lady and a pleasure to work with. “Beth” writes her daily logs 'to the children' and this makes them personal as well as being a lovely account of what life is like living with “Beth”.

This past year hasn't been easy and there have been many obstacles but thank you for enduring and persevering through the obstacles as foster parents. You and “Adam” both work so well together one being so strong headed yet caring and the other soft and nurturing. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. I hope that the future is bright and wonderful in your fostering career.

Thank you for all the love and care you have shown to the children in your care. You treat them as they were your own and include them in all family activities. From “Eric” taking “Adam” to his first actual football match and you for taking on a new challenge of taking care of a female who has thrived since being with you. I respect and value your strength as foster parents and wish you the very best in your future with us.

I'd like to thank you for your commitment to fostering, the inspirational risks you take in opening your heart and home to children of all ages, for persevering through tough times and crisis'. I applaud your vision and the boundaries you place in order for children to succeed in your care & your uncanny ability to see the potential in every child.

“Sukhi” and “Sonny” should be really proud of how they have created such a strong family unit with “Gina” and together they have supported new young people to them on respite and short term arrangements, for which they have needed a lot of adaptability. The couple continue to endeavour to find ways to help children of different personalities to achieve, using their patience and resilience and sense of humour! Thank you for all you have done.

“Jackie” and “Ian” have demonstrated exceptional practice in the last year. They remained committed to the young person in their care, despite a very difficult working environment. In face of all their challenges they showed resilience and compassion. They've developed their skills even further as a result and should be really proud. It is a pleasure to work with them.

“Naomi” and “Leroy” are resilient foster parents who show great commitment and dedication to the young person in their care. Despite the many challenges they face, (on an almost daily basis!) they maintain a cheerful and positive outlook and always advocate of behalf of their young person. “Naomi” is very proactive, tenacious and is always looking for solutions rather than getting bogged down with problems.

“Natalie” and “Rick” have embraced their young person as part of their family and in recent months have offered Staying Put in order to continue their support and involvement in “Tiffanys” life. “Natalie” gets the balance of parenting and being a “friend” just right and together with “Rick” they are preparing “Tiffany” to take the next steps to independence. A busy time ahead for the family as they also prepare for the arrival of their third child.

“Tom” and “Zoe” have taken to fostering like proverbial ducks to water. The skill and insight they demonstrate is highly advanced given they have been foster parents for less than 2 years. They have completely turned “Jamies” life around since he came to live with them. They have offered therapeutic and sympathetic care which he has responded well to and have also put clear and firm boundaries in place. “Tom” and “Zoe” have given “Jamie” a sense of belonging and he has benefited greatly from joining their family.

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