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How to respond to sexting

Sexting is any electronic communication between two people of a sexual nature. It is illegal to take, make, possess or distribute indecent images of anyone under the age of 18. Recent studies report that 12% of 11-16 year olds in the UK have seen, sent or recieved sexual images. Social media platforms make sending such images incredibly easy, something that can be instantly regretted. 

Sexting can create a number of problems for young and vulnerable people such as bullying, loss of control and grooming. Any image shared is difficult, if not impossible to retrieve and can be widely shared on and on. Even images sent to trusted people in stable relationships can then be maliciously shared if the relationship breaks down. Clearly, this can result in emonal trauma where victims feels violated and ashamed and are often too embarrased to seek help.

If young people are unable to confide in a trusted adult, Safeline are an organisation who offer counselling and a helpline (0808 800 5008) which you can contact to seek advice or information from Monday to Saturday. 

Useful information about online safety can be accessed on the links below;





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