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Fostering Excellence Awards 2020

Nominations for the Fostering Excellence Awards 2020 are open! 

Last year, "Kira" one of our young people, won the Outstanding Achievement in Education Award and our Dean won the Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker Award.

We are a tiny organisation within the fostering world so to have received not one but two awards is truly incredible. It shows that by having a small, close knit team of staff and foster families, providing great support and training and most of all truly valuing and recognising our incredible foster parents, we can achieve our overall aim of providing the highest quality of care to children who are unable to live with their birth families.

Please do nominate the extraordinary foster carers, care experienced young people, sons and daughters and social workers that you know by visiting; thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/awards


"We are proud of our whole close knit team here at Xcel, but we need to give a very special mention to two people who have received national recognition at the Fostering Networks Excellence Awards. The awards recognise people who make exceptional contributions to foster care, whether they are social workers, foster parents, care-experienced young people or the children of fostering families.

Kira (name changed for confidentiality and safeguarding purposes) was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement in Education Award and won the category, picking up the national award. She entered care while studying for her GCSEs and faced considerable disruption to her education having to move schools and homes twice before settling with her current, extremely proud Xcel foster family. She studied hard throughout this difficult time and achieved excellent grades in all of her exams. Kira was accepted into a highly reputable college and is currently studying for her A-Levels with a view to studying medicine at University and becoming a Doctor. Kira has also conducted research into the mental health of fostered children and volunteered at a local school and hospital alongside completing her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

“Not in my years as a social worker, nor in my lifetime, have I met a young person so dedicated to her education, who works so hard, not just for her own outcomes, but also for others”.

We couldn’t be prouder, what an amazing young person.

Dean, Xcel 2000s Essex & Hertfordshire based social worker, also won a national award in the category of Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker for his “outstanding commitment to foster care.”

Dean has been a supervising social worker with us for nearly a decade. He is hard working and committed to improving the lives of the children and young people, advocating on behalf of children and foster families. Dean goes out of his way to be available to young people and foster parents, even when it is out of working hours. He manages to successfully balance the demands of his own young family and social work job without ever letting his passion for helping young people diminish.

Kevin Williams, Chief Executive of The Fostering Network, said: ‘Social workers play such an important role in foster care and particularly in the lives of those in care. That’s why it is so encouraging to meet social workers like Dean who are totally dedicated to their role, foster carers and young people. Dean’s commitment to helping carers and young people in times of difficulty is a real credit to him and exemplifies the impact he has had on everyone he has worked with."

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