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Foster Care Fortnight 2020

Want to know how to get involved in Foster Care Fortnight?

The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity and membership organisation, bringing together everyone who is involved in the lives of fostered children to make foster care the very best it can be.

Their annual awareness raising campaign, Foster Care Fortnight will run from Monday 11th to Sunday 24th of May.

The Fostering Network explain;

This years theme #ThisIsFostering provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the incredible work foster carers are doing, especially in such unusual circumstances. Help us raise the profile of fostering and make sure everyone in your local area knows about the transformational power of foster care.

#FCF20 The theme for this year's campaign is This Is Fostering which we hope will convey a varied and authentic picture of the contributions of the people involved in fostering and how foster care transforms the lives of children and young people across the country.

We want wider society to understand and value fostering and the positive difference it can make to young people’s lives. We hope this increased awareness will build support for fostering, challenge stigma surrounding children in foster care and encourage more people to consider fostering.

Ultimately we want to create the momentum for change, both inside and outside of the fostering community, that we know is needed to make foster care the very best it can be.

Here are five great ways you can support the campaign.

1) Share a photo – we want to see #FCF20 everywhere!

We have a full colour and printer friendly version of the placard you can download, but we would love you to be creative – so you could also download our 'colour your own' placards or you could write the hashtag on your hand, stencil it onto a cake or sculpt it in plasticine! We love seeing your pictures shared online and featured in local news articles, so be inventive and think about how to make it relevant to your area!

2) Use our Twibbon – you can do this online.

Our Twibbon will transform your social media profile picture into something that raises awareness of fostering to your friends and followers while not detracting from your chosen image.

3) Donate

We are ambitious for fostered children and young people. We believe in their potential and want them to have every opportunity to flourish. Every donation we receive helps us to create change, lead practice development, promote fostering and offer advice and support.

4) Share our film

Our film will be on https://www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/fcf20 at the start of the campaign and we'll be sharing it on our social media channels. Please share it when you see it and encourage others to do the same.

5) Get the message out

At the heart of this campaign is the need to raise awareness of fostering so we would love you to engage your friends, relatives and others by sharing your fostering experiences – after all who better to talk to than you, the experts, who live and work fostering every day!

To find out more, visithttps://www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/fcf20

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