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Child Safety Week

This week is child safety week. The week is aimed at anyone working with families or children to take positive action, helping kids live a healthy active life in safety without wrapping them in cotton wool.

The week is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. Accidental injury is one of the biggest killers of children in the UK, second only to cancer.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust aims not to create paranoid parents but rather help people to understand the real risks to children’s safety and teach them skills to deal with those risks.

Throughout the week there will be a number of events to do just that. Last year hundreds of parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, childminders and foster carers pledged time to help stop children you care about from being hurt and over 800 days were pledged!

With 2015 being just the sixth year of this extraordinary week there’s no better time to get involved and help make this year even better than 2014

Today I have attached a link to a road safety quiz - take a look and get involved, http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fcapt.org.uk%2Fnode%2F258%2Ftake&h=_AQH9rioj&enc=AZOJiV0U1HLUZ4pvTxEY2yFWUJjzPoMFI9ejF1fno87WaOMVe4wh70r78Ii20YNBIv8wPQzS8ISOB_uRxaMCKrxHcnJ1mbV2aVnPUhu9pPD7lB6N5rg2zegm-azSUgVYloossNIDkF9w43G0cpKsQQTQVHTtA1WvGY1-sDcG5j32qQ7mjjs-oycLV7OZVsw3HGjvDaXYTTBvk9UK01b-_XJo&s=


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