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Celebrations and Achievements 2021 - 48

This weeks celebrations and achievements, part 1

All names changed for anonymity

Well done for following all instructions and not complaining once Yayha, and even thanking your foster Mum for looking after you while you are in isolation.

Yacob, well done for being so helpful and helping your foster Mum put a chest of drawers together. She said she would not have been able to do this without your help so well done and thank you.

Yan, good to hear that you are still enjoying your job as apprentice scaffolder and have received a pay rise in recognition of your work!

Congratulations on receiving your sports leadership badges at school Yvie and Yasmina as well as both receiving a 99% attendance certificate!

Yara, well done for kindly offering to wheel the recycling bin out as you were leaving for school. Very thoughtful and helpful.

Congratulations on receiving a digital certificate for your art work Yash.

Well done for volunteering to peel the potatoes for the evening meal Yasir. Many hands make light work and your foster Mum was very grateful for this help!

Congratulations on being awarded 3 new cub badges Yasin. Great perseverance through zoom meetings and participating in activities that made you nervous. Well done for never giving up!

Yasemine, well done to your whole team for winning your basketball match and personal congratulations to you for scoring.

Lovely comments about you Mr & Mrs Young. The local authority said that you have done very well with your young person, who could have taken a very different path.

Yaniick, congratulations on receiving a certificate in English for most improved student.

A big well done Yousef for being awarded the golden tie for being “a consistently good role model”.

Well done for being awarded your leadership badge with the air cadets Yue.

Well done foster mum Yvonne for completing your TSD workbook successfully and having this signed off!

Yuvie, well done for surviving your isolation period and doing so well at adhering to the rules and being very mature in the way in which you handled this. Everyone is very proud of you.

This weeks celebrations and achievements, part 2.

All names changed for anonymity.

We loved hearing that you are sitting in the big boys chair in the bath now Yaneen and love to splash your legs about.

Ysabel, your foster Mum said it's great to see you being so sociable and to see you playing with others and lovely to hear you enjoying parties and interacting so well. You were also very helpful when getting the decorations down for Christmas, well done.

Well done for rolling from your back to your front on your play mat Yeter!

Yara, well done for being so brave in speaking about things that were very personal to you and answering very clearly, this cannot have been easy and your foster Mum was proud of you. We heard that you have also been very kind and caring when your foster sibling had covid. Well done.

Yvette, your fostering supervisor commended you for catching up on your logs and for the amount of detail included.

And finally, Yolanda and Yathew, the independent reviewing officer commented that you are doing an amazing job looking after your foster sons, and that it is great to see the strong network of support that you have.



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