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Celebrations and Achievements 2021 - 47

This weeks celebrations and achievements;

All names changed for anonymity.

Willow, well done for waiting so patiently to be seen by the optician. Also, well done for such empathy, understanding that your foster brother and sister were upset when the family dog passed away. We heard that you looked at him quizzically and then wiped away your foster sisters tears and asked in a very clear voice “are you ok”. Well done for such empathy. Your foster mum said “thank you for helping us all just by being caring, it really was a special family moment and you are very much part of it”.

Congratulations on receiving first place in the sports pentathlon Wesley, coming first in football, tennis and bean bags and coming home with a medal and t-shirt.

Well done for trying so hard with your maths homework Wilder and for writing a complete sentence with full stop and capital letters. Secondly, well done for receiving a “congratulations certificate” from school for being a reading superstar.

Wynter, your foster mum is very proud of the confidence you have gained despite the challenges of starting college. She said that you are now able to work as part of a team and have completed all of your coursework.

Waverly, it was so lovely to hear that you generously bought a chocolate orange, with your own money to donate to the schools emergency services gratitude scheme.

Ever generous and thoughtful William, we loved hearing that you chose to make four scotch eggs in food tech so that each member of your foster family could enjoy one.

Wade, your foster mum was touched by your thoughtfulness in helping her out of the car because you could see that it was muddy and slippery next to where she was parked.

Whitney, everyone is full of praise for you. Your foster mum said that you were brilliant to patiently wait for her to finish what she was in the middle of to get help with some particularly tricky homework. You then blitzed through all three pieces which took an hour and a half, showing resilience and perseverance, your foster family are very proud of you. Another well done for speaking about your wishes and feelings in your review, being open about what you wanted for the future and what would make you happy.

Wilson, your foster family said that you are amazing them every day. You managed to sit up for almost 5 minutes completely unsupported, a huge achievement which your foster Mum managed to catch on video. A massive well done.

Well done for doing so well in school Wallace, often coming home with stars. You have progressed from just one hour a day in October to full time!

Willa, congratulations on receiving a certificate for making a huge effort with your reading and doing so well at school.

And finally, lovely feedback from another foster parent about the Wellersby family. She said you are fab foster parents and demonstrate such empathy and understanding of your foster daughter who can really struggle. She said it is good to see foster parents investing in a young person so positively.

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