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Rated outstanding - Ofsted October 2021 0845 094 5651

Celebrations and Achievements 2021 - 46

This weeks celebrations & achievements;

(all names changed for anonymity)

Congratulations on being awarded a place on your chosen college course Veronica. You must have smashed that interview, despite being so nervous, the world is your oyster now!

Vivek, your school have said how well you have settled into reception, that you are adorable and a pleasure to have - and that you have enhanced the class, keep being the wonderful you Vivek!

Well done for working so hard to get all of your outstanding homework completed Veer. Your foster Mum said you read your school book beautifully to her too.

Great to hear that you are enjoying working in scaffolding Vaughan.

Well done for doing well in a recent science test Valerie, you are an amazing young person!

Valentina, your foster mum was very proud to receive an email from your school saying that you had managed to get the whole school involved with your fitness club at lunchtime! Excellent.

Lots of congratulations for you this week Verity; firstly for being so brave getting your vaccination, secondly for attempting some homework and trying really hard, thirdly, for helping your foster mum make spaghetti bolognese having previously made it in school, fourthly, for receiving an awesome award for maths work at school and finally, for being selected to represent the school as a community student for which you got the feedback that you are responsible, respectful and honest! Well done Verity, we think this may be the biggest lot of congratulations that we’ve ever seen in one week!

This weeks celebrations & achievements, part 2 ;

(all names changed for anonymity)

Amazing feedback about your fantastic care foster mum Valerie. The local authority social worker said; “I have worked with many foster carers along the way but I have not come across a foster carer such as Valerie. While we should not have favourites, she definitely is one of the best I have worked with in my career so far. Valerie has been an amazing advocate for Valentina, she has shown genuine love and affection towards my young person. She has opened up her heart and her home to these children and her dedication towards them is admirable. Valerie was firm and maintained clear and consistent boundaries which helped Valentina to feel safe and contained. This prevented Valentina from getting involved in difficult situations that our teenagers often struggle with. Valerie has offered wise words when required and was not afraid to tell Valentina when she has gone wrong, while reminding Valentina that she is loved, she has so much potential and she can succeed in anything she puts her mind too. Valerie has also made me feel very welcome during every visit. There is mutual respect and admiration for each other’s role. Valerie has been very thorough during LAC visits and reviews. She is always on time and prepared for meetings. She is very quick to respond to queries. I will definitely be recommending Valerie for any of our children as Valentina has been one of our biggest success stories in the team. As a result of the love and support from Valerie, Valentina has developed into a beautiful, kind and intelligent young lady. I look forward to working with you all again." Absolutely wonderful to hear such praise and so well deserved.

Vivek, well done for managing to stay in a four point kneeling position today on your own, you are getting so strong! We also heard that you tried and enjoyed a sandwich for the first time too, you have had a problem with bread in the past but loved this tuna and salad cream sandwich broken into nice small pieces so that you could easily chew it. Well done for being brave with new foods!

Vanessa, well done for helping to check the charity shoe boxes for operation christmas child with your foster mum. She said that you were so quick and thorough at checking and she was so proud of you. It's lovely to hear that you had so much fun doing this important work and understood the good that you were doing bringing joy to children in other countries.

Well done for starting to tuck your shirt in Victor and remembering to wash your face and neck in the mornings without being reminded.

Congratulations on being selected to sing solo at the school Christmas show Vienna. Your foster dad said that he has seen and heard you practice so much and you really deserve it for working so hard. Well done.

Well done to the Vans for receiving great feedback for your care for your foster son. All of the fellow professionals at his education meeting thanked you for your dedication and support with Varun and are pleased with how well he has settled into school.

And finally, Vinny, it was lovely to hear that you are learning your favourite song - row row row the boat and that you have mastered the row, row but and are starting to pronounce gently and stream, as your foster Mum said, you will have the whole song in no time!

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