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Rated outstanding - Ofsted October 2021 0845 094 5651

Celebrations and Achievements 2021 - 45

Well done for being so brave when getting a blood test done Unique, you didn't even cry, wow!

Uriel, we heard you are really starting to take notice of things around you and be a little more active, fantastic.

Your foster Mum said you were a little star at a recent family birthday meal Urbana and how lovely it is to see how well you have adapted to social situations. We heard that you enjoyed making everyone's duck wraps at the restaurant and stole centre stage! Well done.

Good perseverance Unity, getting all of those knots out of your hair!

Well done to Usher and Umar for managing going back to school so well after being off due to covid. Change isn't always easy and you didn’t want to go but have both done brilliantly.

Urban, well done for getting home on time all week and for answering your phone.

Ulissa, lots of achievements for you; firstly, it was lovely to hear how kind you were to the new child who came to stay for a couple of days. We heard that you really tried hard to engage with him and didn’t complain about the noise or not having your foster parents full attention. You also cooked a delicious spaghetti bolognese from scratch at school and finally, you have managed 100% attendance at school, something which you previously struggled with, this is amazing! Well done Ulissa!

Congratulations on being awarded the golden tie at school Ugo for smashing learning across all subjects and showing accuracy and perseverance in your tasks.

Ulrika, despite previously struggling with maths, you found the confidence to teach your sister how to simplify a fraction. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself.

Urijah, well done for starting to sleep through all the night!

Great to hear that you completed all of your school work despite recovering from covid Ulani.

Well done for knowing exactly where your jodhpurs were Ulmer and finding them in good time for your horse riding lesson without any prompting.

Uri, well done for accepting that the price had changed on the nintendo switch game that you wanted. At first you thought that your foster mum had ordered the wrong item but when she explained that it was the same item, the price had just gone up a bit, you accepted it immediately, great to see you listened so well and are starting to trust.

And finally, Uriella, well done for asking for tuition which you have always refused in the past. You have also found the courage to open up about your life experiences and have previously refused any outside help but now feel happy and settled enough in your home life to talk to a professional. This is such a great achievement, to be able to open up and feel validated and ask for help.

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