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Rated outstanding - Ofsted October 2021 0845 094 5651

Celebrations and Achievements 2021 - 44

Congratulations on becoming a school prefect Teddy with responsibility for looking after key stage 3 at lunch and break times!

Tallulah, lovely to hear that you are now sleeping all through the night! Fantastic for you and for your foster mum too.

Well done at eye therapy Torin, following well with your eyes most of the time. Its also great to hear that you love to follow the family dogs around the room and find them very funny.

Tomos, well done for learning how to roll from your front onto your back while enjoying tummy time.

Well done to you Travis for throwing and catching bean bags more successfully and even progressing to one hand. You have enjoyed practicing with your foster brother and by yourself too!

Theo, we heard that you have learnt how to eat finger food from your tray while in your high chair and that you have voluntarily given up your bottles and now drink from a sippy cup. Well done!

Great to hear that you enjoyed helping in the garden Toby, sweeping up the leaves with your foster dad. You even had the very clever idea of putting them on top of the rhubarb plants to protect them over the winter - you are becoming proper little green fingers, well done.

Well done for tidying your bedroom and changing your own bedding Taio.

Tahir, your foster family said that, despite testing positive for covid, you have been a little superstar. You have been your foster Dad's little helper, tidied your bedroom, helped with the tea, set the table and, most importantly of all, helped the dogs bowl up to his nose so that he could smell his dinner and eat it all. Well done.

Well done for being so brave for your first immunisations Tianna. Your foster mum said you are also starting to share some beautiful smiles.

Theo, well done for making your own packed lunches for the past couple of weeks. We also heard you cleverly made a coaster in school for your drinks.

Well done for completing all of your college assignments despite recovering from covid Tegan.

"Tess is the standard by which all foster parents should be measured!" - What amazing feedback from the local authority social worker Tess! She and the Independent Reviewing Officer also listed all of the amazing qualities that you possess and the fantastic care that you have provided Tadhg during his time with you.

Well done for writing out your Christmas list all by yourself Tristan.

Tia, well done for showing prospective parents and students around your college, confidently speaking about your experiences while there.

Well done for handling being off school so well Tyler and for being so well behaved.

Taylor, well done for returning to school after time off with covid , even though you really didn't want to.

Congratulations on being made vice captain of your basketball team Tilly!

Well done for using your initiative Tabitha and putting the milk and frozen fruit away while your foster Mum was busy with your foster brother.

Tommy, congratulations on receiving two certificates for resilience and for learner of the week.

A big well done for overcoming your worries about going to scout camp Thea after talking them through with your foster mum. She was then able to relay these fears to the scout leader for you and work on a plan to accommodate your requests so you felt less anxious. Great teamwork.

Tim, well done for being so brave while having your vaccinations.

And finally, well done to Toby and Tahlia Tinker for your bravery when your little foster brother had a seizure. Toby, you kept so calm and facetimed your Nanny for support while your parents were dealing with the paramedics, you were so brave throughout. And Tahlia, you took on the important role of looking after your other little foster brother, playing with him and occupying him to keep him calm too. You managed this difficult situation so well. Your parents are so proud of you both. More praise for the Tinkers from the local authority social worker who said that you kept her updated throughout the day about the emergency health needs which she was incredibly grateful for. She said that you are an amazing person Tahmina and that you are doing such a fantastic job as a family with the boys.

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