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Celebrations and achievements 2021 - 2

This weeks celebrations and achievements;

**  As always, names have been changed for anonymity.

Blossom and Briony, we are so happy to hear that you are settling in with ease with your new foster family, that you both speak about what you want and have been happy to chat. Your foster Mum has said that you have fitted into the family fabulously and that you are polite and have adjusted to change really well. Remarkable resilience at such a tricky time.

Well done Brock for not only sitting through but positively engaging in an important review meeting. Your foster Dad was proud of the level of maturity that you showed when you answered questions and confidently voiced your opinions. He was happy to see you accept the positive praise that you received as well as acknowledging the areas of concern that were raised too. Well done Brock, this is brilliant to hear.

Brodie and Becki, we wanted to say a big thank you to you for helping out so much while your foster parents were feeling unwell. We heard that you have helped cook the tea and entertained your little foster brothers which is very thoughtful and very much appreciated. Thank you again girls, very impressive.

Brad, it’s wonderful to hear about your new found love of books! Your foster Mum told us that you’ve never previously shown much interest in books but since getting “The Christmasaurus” in your Christmas eve box, you have been asking for a couple of chapters each evening and are really enjoying it and showing more of an interest in other stories.

Well done Boyd for how well you have coped with the transition to your new school last week. Your foster Mum said you overcame an initial wobble with great courage and resilience and your foster family are really proud of you.

A special mention is deserved for foster Mum Bonnie who, despite the covid restrictions in place, made the festive period very special for the family, especially for your foster daughter, as this was her first Christmas without her Mum who sadly passed away. Bonnie, you dealt with this with such care and sensitivity and your foster daughter commented that you are family and your family is her family. The wonderful close relationship that you share, and sense of real belonging that you have given her is wonderful to see and should be celebrated and acknowledged.

We also wanted to acknowledge the Bell/Baileys for their continued support of the parent and child that they are currently fostering. We heard that you stepped in to look after the baby without hesitation when Mum was admitted to hospital and made special efforts to maintain the bond with video contact over Christmas and with photos sent to her every day. You also made Christmas special for baby, including his own Christmas eve box and continue to offer high levels of support to Mum now, even though you are under the weather yourselves. Well done and thank you.

Well done to the Bennetts for the efforts that you made to ensure that Christmas was as magical as it could be for your foster daughter. She was able to fully embrace the Christmas spirit and traditions including leaving the key on the door step for Santa, hanging up her Christmas sack and leaving out food for the reindeer. Christmas morning, she was so fascinated by the mess that Santa and the reindeer left behind that she didn't see the big pile of presents that he had left for her too! You also accommodated and facilitated boxing day family time with her Mum and Granddad so thank you for everything that you do, especially after having had a difficult time recently.

Well done to you Brooke for being offered paid employment by your work experience placement. You must have really impressed them. Even better, they are happy for this to work around your college commitments! Your foster family have told us that they are so proud of you, well done.

Well done to you Ben, your foster Mum has told us that you have shown great compassion and empathy recently. While she was not able to go out, you were happy to run errands, getting bread, dropping things off to her sister and Mum and so on. And even when there were no errands to run, you still stopped by on your daily bike ride and gave them a wave and checked through the window that they were all ok. Your foster Mum said that she is extremely proud of what a great young man you are growing to be and that she is proud to call you her son. Glad to hear that you are putting that bike Christmas present to such good use too! Well done Ben.

Well done to the Berrys. Your amazing efforts over the festive period ensured that your foster children experienced all of the magic and fun of Christmas. They enjoyed all of the traditions including letters for Santa, stockings hung on doors full of presents from Father Christmas and snacks left out for Santa and the reindeer. They also enjoyed pigs in blankets and for their first time. Thank you for making this a Christmas that they will not forget, despite being the first Christmas spent without their Mum.

Well done Bella for doing so well with your online lessons, you deserve all of that lovely praise that we heard from your foster Mum. She is proud of your resilience and commitment to learning in such a different way. She was really impressed that when you didn’t understand something, you went onto BBC bitesize to do their lesson on that subject to get a better understanding of the work set by your school, that is very impressive Bella, well done!

Well done Billy for being you! Your foster Mum said you're really thriving and interacting well with the family and completing all of your reading targets. She wanted it noted that she thinks you're fantastic and everyone is very proud of you.

Well done to you the Baker family - Blake your foster Mum got a lovely message home from your school saying how proud your teachers are of you for joining in so well with all of the sessions so far and how impressed they are of your work ethic. Fantastic feedback Blake. Betsy, well done for doing such a fantastic job with homeschooling Blake and for getting such wonderful feedback from his teacher who has said that you are getting more work from him than they are able to and that they have been really impressed with his motivation. Even more impressive is that you are juggling home learning for not just one but four young people! Similarly, Bria, well done for overcoming your anxieties and tackling some very tricky maths problems with Betsy.

Babers, it was refreshing and humbling to hear that what your foster son was most looking forward to about Christmas was spending the day with the family and sitting to eat Christmas breakfast and dinner at the table, rather than the usual opening of presents. We know he had really missed sitting down to eat with everyone, as most of the household had to isolate in the run up to Christmas. Thankfully self-isolation ended just in time for Christmas day! Thank you for your continued support with Bil, it is wonderful that he is now able to fully embrace and enjoy feeling part of the family.

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