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Celebrations and achievements 2021 - 1

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful families!

Here are the first celebrations & achievements of 2021;

Well done Chris, we heard that you have been very thoughtful and helpful recently, delivering YMCA food parcels with your foster Dad and then helping your foster Mum bring in the heavy Christmas food shopping bags from the car without even being asked!

Well done is deserved by you Kieron; from previously avoiding school as much as possible, to now attending college, working hard and overcoming obstacles and difficulties, you have been asked to represent your peers as school counsellor - what a turn around! Your foster Mum has told us that she is so proud of you.

We were touched to hear what a great Christmas the Morphew family enjoyed. Mrs Morphew said “it was so lovely to see their little faces on Christmas morning. They were so excited to open their presents and they loved everything they got. They were so grateful for all the presents and both have said it was the best Christmas ever which makes it all worthwhile - all the hard work we do pays off”. She also added how proud they have been of you Trenton, describing how your behaviour has improved massively and you are now listening rather than being super stroppy and how well you are coping with not going out much at the moment due to Covid. Wonderful to hear, happy new year Morphews!

Clever Charlotte has learnt to count to 10 with her foster Mum - amazing at just 18 months old, well done Charlotte!

Well done Jimmy for getting much better at following instructions and beginning to really settle into your new foster family. Good luck in your new school and well done for all of your positivity!

And finally, well done to Nick for your new found ability to understand when you are beginning to feel frustrated and angry and then to walk away from overwhelming situations. This is a huge skill which will likely change your life, a huge well done.

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