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Celebrations and achievements 2

Some of this week's celebrations and achievements to start the week with a smile;
* all names changed for anonymity

We’re starting with a big well done to Barney for being so calm and helping his friend who had an accident on a trampoline last week. He got ice packs for his friends Mum and kept an eye out for the ambulance arriving. How mature, responsible and kind. Well done and we’re glad to hear that your friend is on the mend.

Well done to baby Kaci who is doing really well, learning new names and words very quickly which lovely to hear.

We’ve been inspired to get fit by George who is enjoying running - he even did two 3km runs in one day last week, one in the afternoon and one in the morning, very impressive George!

Well done to brother and sister Freddy and Maisy who have been trying new foods this week including courgettes and mushrooms.

A big achievement for Harry who, with some support from his brilliant foster Mum, got on a train by himself this week and arrived at his destination safe and well.

Along similar lines, well done to Ruby who, for the first time in her life, walked alone to meet her best friend in their local village and then back home again. What a huge step, we are really proud of you and glad that you felt empowered and trusted and have gained so much confidence.

Finally, well done to Jim who has received an attendance award from the virtual school. Fantastic x

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