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Celebrations and achievements 17

This week's celebrations and achievements;

Thank you Nikita and Matthew for your super efforts to look after a sibling group, including converting your downstairs study into a suitable bedroom at the very last minute. The siblings were welcomed by the whole family who were super excited to have them in their care. The children were able to return home after 2 days and their social worker was very thankful for your effort. A special mention to your foster son Jim, well done for making the effort to introduce yourself in English and making the children feel so welcome in your home.

Well done Mia for achieving a gold “Reading Award” and a “Great Thinking in Class” award!

Great to hear that you have managed a return to Sea Cadets and to Church Liam, after a long break and that you are coping well with all of the Covid measure changes.

Well done Rosie for your massive improvement in Geography which you were finding very challenging and for overcoming the worries that you had when sitting your mocks.

Well done to Daniel who has received some very positive feedback from school about how well you are settling in and how hard you are trying. We were very impressed to hear that you are reading and writing every day at home, well done.

Well done to you Felix for making a real effort not to disrupt your lessons. With a gentle daily reminder, you have managed worked really hard and gained positive weeks throughout the week, excellent!

Great progress from little Adele, who has been consistently waking in the mornings with a dry pull-up, meaning that she has been dry all night! Well done!

And finally, well done to Dan. Reading your Foster Dads daily logs, it’s clear that you are making a great effort with your education at the moment and attending your new timetable which means that you are in your lessons with your friends. He commented that you have been enjoying school which is great to hear! He has even had a phone call from school to say how impressed they are with you this week. Keep up the good effort - well done!

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