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Celebrations and achievements 16

This week's celebrations and achievements;

Well done to Rose, your foster Mum told us that during your self-isolation, your school had to close its doors. During these difficult times, you have shown a growing resilience to adverse conditions. You have managed to complete all homework set by you tutors online, checked your inbox for emails daily, engaged with your dance tutors via zoom and decorated your bedroom ready for the festive season! Your foster family are all very proud of you for staying positive and engaged throughout.

A big well done to you Kieran for playing Joseph in your nursery nativity play this week. This is a huge achievement, given that your autism usually means that you usually shy away from the spotlight, so very well done Kieran. We also wanted to highlight your Mum and Dads efforts over the weekend to welcome and settle a new Mum and her baby into their care, so well done Sam and Aoife! It was difficult as Mum was in a lot of pain and discomfort so automatically, you both stepped in to meet all the care needs of the baby whilst Mum was resting or at the hospital and helping her to unpack and wash and dry all of her clothing/bedding. You are explaining everything to Mum to ensure that she is understanding every step of her parenting assessment process, which was especially noted by your Fostering Supervisor. The baby's Social Worker also highlighted that he was really pleased with the way in which you have handled a difficult time with Mum. Well done and thank you fabulous family!

Well done to you all Leo, Scarlett and Kyle. Leo and Scarlett, we heard that you both received bronze star awards at school and Scarlett you also got a 100% attendance award! Kyle, we hear that you have gone up a level in reading. Excellent work!

Thank you to John and Brenda for their 8 years of fostering. Your fostering supervisor enjoyed reminiscing with you about your journey as foster parents and reflecting on all of the young people that you have cared for over the years. We hope you are enjoying the flowers and you will be missed from the team!

Well done to you Ebonie for settling really well into year 10. We heard that you are making good progress, working hard and have twice won 'star of the week'! You have been described as kind and caring and clearly popular as you now have a bigger friendship group. It's great to hear that your confidence has increased and that you appear happy.

We were very impressed to hear that you apologised to your social worker after getting annoyed during a video call Logan, not easy, well done.

Well done to you Fran and Mick for continuing to be very sensitive and considerate in the support and care that you offer your foster daughter Liana. This extends to the recognition that you provide to the on-going contact that Liana has with her extended family, which we know is not always easy for any of you, yet you understand the importance of this birth family contact and are able to help Liana through it.

A deserved well done to Tom, your foster Mum said she is very impressed with how helpful you have been during the house move. You have shown that you have independence skills, even hanging up two pairs of curtains! We heard that you are taking pride in your new, much bigger bedroom. You have also given great input into how the new home should be decorated to put your mark on the home as a whole family. Well done Tom.

Well done to you Rowan for getting the highest grade in a maths test out of your whole class, with a mark of 48 out of 50 as well as getting another 48 out of 50 in your music mock. We heard that you have been asked if you would like to apply for music college and have agreed - how exciting! We are very impressed Rowan.

Well done to little Charlotte for successfully using the potty for the first time!

Well done to you Bobby for overcoming your fears and anxiety by going down a big tunnel slide in the country park. As it was a dark tunnel you were a little scared. We heard that your sister Maisie went down without a second thought and then you went down and shouted " I did it". On your second go you shouted again "I did it, this time with my eyes open!” Fantastic bravery. Well done to you also Maisie, your teacher reported that you have received another certificate at school for being outstanding and you are getting really good at spelling out three letter words, such as cat, dog, hat etc. Brilliant from you both.

Well done to the Allen/Menzels for the remarkable difference seen in Paige by her school who said that she appears much happier and more settled and is achieving well both academically and socially. Paige's social worker has said that Paige has a sense of belonging that she has not had before and named her foster Mum as her “most important person”. Fantastic fostering.

And finally, well done to you Sienna for having a great week with your learning and continuing to push yourself and even when getting frustrated with the additional homework and reading challenges. You continue to work hard and all this effort is paying off at school as this week you got a golden award for attitude towards learning, went up a grade in maths and got praise from your teacher for your handwriting improvement. Your foster parents have said “We continue to be very proud of how you continue to grow and overcome your frustration and show all the skills you have learnt. You continue to work hard even when you're finding it hard and this is all paying off. You was set the challenge this week of getting 10 out of 10 on your spelling and with your commitment and dedication in practicing hard every day after school you achieved 10 out of 10! Big well done we are very proud!

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