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Celebrations and achievements 15

This week's celebrations and achievements;

A big well done to you Thomas for receiving a school badge for committed reading and a certificate for coming first in your house with the 14 achievement points you earned in jst one week!

A special thanks to you Carol for the support that you continue to offer your fellow foster parents with catch up calls and checking in on everyone, it is very much appreciated.

We have been very impressed Lukas, hearing about the excellent cooking skills you have been showing in your new foster home, we have heard that you are a really great cook and everyone is enjoying the dinners that you have made! It’s great to see how well you are settling in.

Well done to Jasper for venturing out and about more in the past couple of weeks than you have in years! It’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying spending time with your new foster brother, going to the shops and getting that fresh air.

We wanted to give credit to the River family for how well Matt has settled into being part of your family. Thanks to your extended family also as part of the wider support network for you and for Matt.

Well done to Aurelia for getting up every morning and getting yourself dressed and ready - no nagging required! Excellent

Well done to Peyton for coming home from school and apologising for your behaviour that morning. This is never easy to do and it is great to hear. You should be proud of yourself for your maturity.

Well done Connie for receiving a very impressive 32/22 in your biology test - 97%!!

It was lovely to hear the wonderful feedback from other professionals about you Sherry. They said that you were skilled and experienced and your communication with them has been excellent. They recognised that you have been working tirelessly in challenging circumstances. Well done.

Well done to you both Joey and Blake for settling back into school so well since October half term, both getting ready in the morning. The school have commented how well you are engaging with learning. Joey, well done for the maths work you have been doing and Blake for the handwriting practise you have put in. Your foster parents are really proud of you both.

Well done to Hilary for completing 14(!!) online courses over the last couple of months as part of your training and development as well as joining the National Association of Therapeutic Parenting and attending their webinars. Your fostering supervisor wanted to commend you for your dedication and commitment to training.

Well done to little Danielle for helping to make Christmas cards and signing them.

And finally, well done to Freddy and Amelia for helping to decorate the Christmas tree and doing a great job at it! Freddy, we heard you have kept your bedroom very clean and tidy and received a certificate from school. Amelia, well done for working so hard at school to get your smiley face card completed and also for the certificate you got from school too.

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