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Celebrations and achievements 14

This week's celebrations and achievements;

**all names changed for anonymity**

A huge well done to Harry for how you dealt with an incident that happened at school. Your Foster Mum said “Well done for understanding the seriousness and taking responsibility. We are very proud at the way you handled the situation. At home you were calm and accepting, which shows how mature you are becoming. We know you were a little frustrated that one boy didn’t entirely tell the truth, this shows us you are learning the importance of being honest.”

Another well done is deserved by you Bethany, your Foster Mum said “Opening up and talking about you and your personal life is not an easy task and something you don’t do easily. We are very proud to see how far you have come.”

Well done to you Finn for mastering separating clean and dirty laundry and to you Ellis for learning to email and add pictures too. Great new skills learnt in your household this week.

Well done to Foster Mum Erica. Your Fostering Supervisor wanted to recognise that you are juggling a lot at the moment, supporting the two young people that you are fostering and with daily paperwork and training to complete. She said “I commend Erica for working hard to catch up and not letting it beat her. She has also completed some practical actions very quickly after a network meeting.” Thank you.

Well done to baby Kayson for sleeping through the night. 22.45-7.30am is very impressive for a baby so young and gives everyone a good chance to recharge their batteries!

Congratulations to you Haley for winning the Timestable rockstars competition at school!

And finally, a huge well done to Darragh. Your Foster Mum said “So proud of Darragh this afternoon. We had a phone call home from his English teacher. She’s explained that he has worked so hard in his English, he’s done his assessment and when she marked it he’s got a c grade and is a only few points away from a b grade. This is absolutely brilliant news, he’s achieving brilliantly after all he’s been through. He's doing great with school. Well done, you’ve made us proud”.

Fantastic achievements all round xxx

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