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Celebrations and achievements 13

This week's celebrations and achievements - so many wonderful achievements!

*all names changed for anonymity*

A big thank you to you Sydney and Lisette, for helping out with ideas for the new Hazel Project Welcome Books. Your ideas were fantastic and have been added. Your input was really helpful.

Congratulations to Mai for being awarded a silver award certificate for good reading at school. We know you got the bronze last term and are set for that gold in the future! You should be very proud of yourself.

Well done Rosie for successfully completing your mock GCSE’s and managing your anxiety and emotions so well during this stressful time.

A shout out to Lennon; we heard how well your coping without your beloved football which hasn’t been running during lockdown and how helpful you have been in the garden, very well done.

Well done also to you little Josselyn for learning how to get down stairs, you're making such a lot of progress!

Well done Erika for the wonderful letter that you wrote imagining you were an evacuee in the second world war. We heard that a lot of planning went into it and what an amazing letter you wrote. We should also add that you did all of this at home as school was closed, your foster Mum was very impressed with your fantastic attitude and was very proud of you for the letter that you produced, well done.

Finally, well done to the Brown family. Clarks social worker has seen how much Clark has grown since living with you - he is no longer going missing or smoking cannabis, he has recently created a CV with your help and has good contact with his birth family. He says you are the “nearest thing” to his family, which shows how settled he is feeling. Well done to you and especially well done to you Clark, it looks like you have a very bright future ahead of you.

We were pleased to hear how well your sleepover went Briony. It was lovely to hear that you had a good time and that you were such a pleasure to have over.

Congratulations to you Jude for getting a magic card at school for completing all of your homework to a high standard.

Well done Max for being awarded star of the week for being kind and helpful to two children in your class.

Lovely to hear that you have started on solids Annabelle and have been enjoying a variety of new foods including chicken, parsnips and carrots.

A huge congratulations to Gabriel. Your foster parents were so proud to receive the communication from your form tutor saying that you received 25 positive merits and a small prize for your effort at school and positive attitude to learning. You were described as a positive member of the school community which is fantastic to hear. Very well done.

Finally, well done to Nikita and David for capturing your foster son's journey so well in your recent logs. It is clear that great effort has been made and they are a pleasure to read. Your commitment to ensuring that you deliver a great standard of practice is wonderful.

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