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Celebrations and achievements 1

A double whammy of fantastic foster family achievements to tell you about this week. I was on holiday last week without much access to the internet so I missed sharing with you all. Here is a selection of celebratory moments from the past fortnight;
* all names changed for anonymity

Rohan has completely mastered blowing bubbles in the water at bath time! This is a really great achievement as you hated water anywhere near your face or your hair being washed when you first came to live with Kelly. She is very very proud of you.

Ryan stood on his own for the first time, his foster Mum describes the moment beautifully “you had pulled yourself to standing next to me at a plant pot in the garden and I was telling you not to eat the dirt when you looked at me and let go of the pot and you balanced the for a good 5 seconds. Well done big boy, I can't believe how clever you are I hope you keep doing so well throughout your life”.

Well done to Mark for taking the time to help your foster parents grandson with his Maths and his English, that was very kind and thoughtful of you.

A milestone moment for Matthew who has bought his first car! Your foster parents said that they are very proud to see you emerging into adulthood in a mature and responsible way. Great to hear Matthew, enjoy the freedom that comes with driving and stay safe on the road!

Along the same lines, Jacob has started to try to ride his bike without stabilizers. Keep going Jacob, keep putting in that effort and you will soon be racing around.

A shout out to Rio for helping to reunite a lost dog with it’s owner last week, a really lovely story to hear.

Congratulations to Tia for your maths certificates from school. Your foster parents are really impressed by all of the school work you brought home to show them and how well you are doing.

Well done to Glenn for also doing so well at school. We have heard about the fantastic bed that you made for your teddy, stuffing a pillow and mattress and sewing all around the edges. You should be really proud, well done.

Well done to Josie who has been helping her foster mum Yasmin with her voluntary delivery of medication for housebound patients for the local pharmacy. Josie wanted to let us know how professional and helpful you have been, brilliant to hear.

Congratulations to Rudy for managing 100% attendance for the whole year at school, even with the covid 19 & lockdown situation. Your foster Dad Ben knows you don’t find school easy which makes your attendance all the more remarkable and he is incredibly proud of you. It's also great to hear that you have made a couple of new friends in your year at school, really going from strength to strength Rudy, well done.

Parent and child specialist foster parent Sharon has been really proud of Angel this week. Angel has had to cope with court delays and last minute family time and free time arrangements. She has not let these frustrations with the local authority affect the way she has looked after baby Lucie which is really positive and heartwarming. Lucie is thriving as a result, reaching all of her targets and more, rolling all over the place and chatting away to her toys. Lovely to hear.

Recognition deserved for the Johnsons this week, described as caring and professional, they demonstrated a balanced and empathic approach to having Freddie come to stay short term. Feedback was that they made helpful and insightful suggestions around how they could manage together as a family. The circumstance for Freddie changed a number of times and they remained adaptable, supportive and patient throughout.

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