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Celebrations and achievements - 9b

This week's celebrations and achievements - part 2.

*all names changed for anonymity*

Well done Chris for going to the shops independently. You really are showing your maturity and building trusting relationships.

Chloe has read a whole book from start to finish in one sitting for the first time! Well done Chloe! Keep it up!

Heather showed great compassion and empathy this week when her Foster Parent was upset as she attempted to console her through patting/rubbing her back and wiping away her tears and telling her that everything was okay. Thank you Heater for looking after your Foster Parent.

Fonia is offering 1 hour online on Zoom teaching conversational English from the Trinity College London Curriculum free of charge. She offered this via her Facebook Algerian Women’s group. She has 180 people interested and is serving the Algerian community across the UK and NI. Great work!

Tina is so efficient! I had completed an audit on the family's and all 3 children's files, I emailed Tina requesting many items to be uploaded or updated etc, this was all complete by the next day Wow! Nice one Tina - thank you!

Finally, finishing off this weeks achievements, we want to acknowledge the positive work that Christine and Dave completed whilst Kai was living with them. He came straight from his birth family to Christine and Dave and they supported him with his personal hygiene, helping him to brush his teeth, wash his hair and get dressed independently. Christine and Dave provided a lot of encouragement and support to Kai in this area and had to persevere with some of these tasks, but it was a really positive outcome for Kai. Thank you for your work towards this!

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