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Celebrations and achievements - 10

This week's celebrations and achievements - another week where we have some amazing achievements -

*all names changed for anonymity*

Both of our children had a really good day exceptionally well behaved at Lego land without one moan or sulk through some real rubbish weather and long hour long queues to get on rides - big achievement.

Leanne received a merit for her PE - keep up the amazing work!

Nicole is currently supporting Kyle to have video contact with his mum. This is a new arrangement with Nicole supporting Kyle at home and contact supervisor helping mum with the call at the contact centre. Contact has recently been difficult for Kyle and his mum to manage, but this new arrangement afforded them a really positive time together. Nicole was instrumental at making that happen. The contact supervisor commended Nicole for supporting him brilliantly at home, and his mum commented to the supervisor that she had never seen him so happy.

James has worked hard at riding a bike without stabilizers. He has mastered it. He is so pleased with himself - well done James!

With encouragement from myself, Frankie and teachers. Liam is now putting more effort into his homework and OSL work. Which is good preparation for his mock exams in November - keep it up James!

Finally, we wanted to acknowledge the work completed by Paul as he finished of his tree of life, despite finding it very challenging.


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