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...and then even in lockdown, what happened is...

...and then, even in lockdown, what happened is...

You may remember a while back I wrote a blog called ‘The hardest day in my fostering career so far’. Well, I just thought I would let you know the next chapter, because, I have to say, it was worth it.

The little one’s Mum left, and the two of us - him and I - then met a really nice lady from the family finding team who came and took photos and videos.

Just a couple of weeks later I was told a family had been identified to become the baby’s forever family.

Then lockdown happened.

We made the most of it - even though he was only young we took part in the Diverse Care challenge each day, making memories that only we could share.
Because the transition process could not be done in the normal way, video contact was arranged for twice a day; morning and evening. I received pictures of the couple to put up... it was strange having photos of strangers all over the house!

They had the matching panel and we had to wait another two weeks for the Decision Maker’s approval.

Then - we met the couple.

They were lovely!
I looked at them and could tell by their eyes just how much they wanted this little fella.
They cried.
They gave him a cuddle.
And they said they could not believe this was happening.

We had visits over the weekend, then for three days they came to my home to learn his routine.
I watched them grow into this little family, each day becoming closer and closer.

Then, of course, the day I was not looking forward to.
Despite my tears, I know this little one is going to have the best life.

I went to see them the following day at their house - he’d already made himself at home! It was like they had been together forever.

They send me videos and photos, and as part of the transition I video-call them twice a day to make sure they are all OK.
They have promised to keep in contact once the transition is over. I asked if I could adopt all three of them, we got on so well!

So - life goes on. Despite his difficult beginning, and amidst the oddest of times, a bright future remains possible.

I was so pleased that it turned out this way.
I love all of them and wish them a lot of joy and happiness forever.

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